Floating Dock Aluminum Male Hinge


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The floating dock aluminum male hinge installs on the side or end of docks.  It allows you to connect to a female hinge if connecting two docks end-to-end.  The male hinge allows for intersecting docks to connect to each other with the use of a “T” hinge.  Male hinges are naturally corrosion resistant due to their marine-grade aluminum properties.  Hinges bolt to either aluminum or wood floating docks.  Hinges are a great option for docks that require the ability to move with water and wave action.  Female hinges, t-hinges, hinge pins and attaching hardware sold separately.  Additional support or backing plates might be necessary for certain aluminum docks.  Be sure to verify with your dock manufacturer.

The male hinge measures 10 inches long, .75 inch thick and 2.5 inches tall.  It has three bolt holes each measuring 5/16-18″ in diameter for securing to dock side.  The hinge is pre-drilled to accept nylon bushing material and pins measuring up to 2-3/4″ in diameter.

Floating Dock Aluminum Male Hinge Features:

  • Aluminum Grade for Marine Use
  • 10″ length
  • Use with Female or T-Hinges

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in


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